Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Yesterday I discovered that another of my friend has quit his job. It has been six months since we passed  from our college and it was my third friend to do so.

People change and try different jobs, its not something new but leaving a job with a  handsome salary package without the guarantee of another job is not sensible. At first I thought so but after a discussion about the extravagant accomplishment of my friends my views regarding their quitting changed. I am not a gullible person but still I saw sense in their doing.

Lack of challenging work or too much dull work, boring environment, dumb colleagues, these are some reasons which can make a job suck but the main reason they gave me was frustration. For many people these kind of jobs are dream job in India with an average salary package of 40k-50k per month but still they left it. After talking to each of them I discovered the more sensible reason to it,  people just cannot belong to a place where they do not belong. The main reason was they deserve more compared to what their jobs offered. The main reason was they were smarter compared to what their jobs asked for. The main reason was the lack of feel good factor while working.

Their reasons are valid, it's really tough when you are around people whose thinking don’t match with yours, who do not share your sense of humor, whose jokes make you cry, who seriously predicts about "BIGG BOSS" next episode in groups at office hrs and you cannot avoid listening. Now to give it a thought these all problem are existing because they are not happy or because they are not as dumb as it is required to be happy . To be more precise it would be right enough to say that to be happy one should put more weight on the dumber character of your life see-saw.

Being dumb has many advantages as compared to being smart. You should note here dumb and smart are not necessarily related to your educational qualification or your brilliance in academics.

Now lets talk why is it not tough for dumbers to be happy. First off all dumb people lack the resources to identify the aim and problem of life. Life is too subtle for them to understand and therefore they are happy where ever they are. The lesser the desires that need to be  fulfilled the more you are happier. It is tough for dumb people to think more, and less you think the less you desire.

When dreams shatter we get depressed but what if we do not dream those specific dreams that have a potential to get shattered, or lets say we confine our dreams, we restrict our dreams. It is said dreams are like water colorless and dangerous, free flowing and we cannot control them. It's true, though we can confine it, that is where the geniusness of a dumb character comes to play. Suppose you don’t have ever known that airplanes existed, never seen never heard, in such a scenario do you think there is slightest of probability you can dream about an airplane, no you cannot. We cannot dream about something that is not in our mind. Same is the case with dumb people they don’t know much to desire more,  therefore they are content and happy. Do not take these statements in a negative sense, it is always good to dream, I just want to prove here not dreaming what you do not know is also always good.
Now lets talk about the other advantages of dumbers over real smart people besides being happy. First  is dumb people are never taken seriously whatever they say or do and normally other people consider them to be in a ‘ NO THREAT ZONE ‘. They take them too dumb to create risk for anybody. Dumb people can enjoy in the company of both other dumb and smart people though vice versa is not true. Even if they don’t understand the discussion among smart people, it always brings a feel good factor  to be a part of discussion that goes dodging to your brain capacity. Dumb people can laugh almost at any joke, if its a less witty joke than you can laugh whole heartedly and if it is a good joke than its ROFLMAO for you. By chance if  you don’t get  the joke than its a brainstorming exercise for you. If you are dumb you can easily enjoy almost all Bollywood movies except by Mr Ram Gopal Verma (he is completely on a different level).
Dumbers has some real rewarding advantages also. Girls normally prefer dumb guys as their boyfriends or spouses. The are some reasons, first intellectually girls find dumb men at the same level as themselves, they prefer to be in the lead and dominating role in the relationship and lastly if they wish to go flinging around with other men its easier with a dumb partner at their side.
Parents also love their dumber children more, though they don’t show it in public , but its the truth. Have you ever heard 'that dumb guy made a life' its always 'that smart guy made his life'. Dumb guys life is made by their fathers. The main reason is dumb people actually never mature and parents want their children to always be their 'children'. Dumb people are never bored, their mind are always busy with something as there is so much to understand and their pace of understanding is slow.
Now at the end I would like to give some tips on how to become DUMB.

1. Start watching movies made by Shirish Kunder (most effective will be Tees Maar Khan and Joker).
2. Make Raghu Ram (the bald guy from Roadies) your ideal in life.
3. Make yourself believe that you like Twilight Saga.
4. Start playing FB games like city ville and farm ville.
5. Read this blog frequently, it will keep your passion to become or remain dumb always blazing

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