Tuesday, November 20, 2012

For the love of Sharukh Khan

This is my first blog that I wish to make public. I was always confused for the first one but let this be it. Yesterday I went to watch Jab Tak Hai Jaan with my friends. Normally I watch the kind of movies that can prove fatal to your reputation as a movie lover or that contains an element named ‘Sharukh Khan’  alone. By the way I am a decent fan of Sharukh and I was a fan of Anushka Sharma till yesterday.  The theater was 80% occupied regards to the gigantic population of India and its really a very difficult task for movie makers to make their movies flop at Indian box office.
The genre of the movie is romantic drama but it was difficult and exhausting to find that part and it was even harder to find the humor that some individuals with higher SOH (sense of humor) content can explore in these kind of movies like in RA – 1.

The movie sucks is not the main concern of jab tak hai jahan that is something what bollywood movies normally do, its about the repulsiveness of the movie, the willingness to stand up from your theater seat and run to save your sanity and the great sensitive and innovative thinking of the makers.

In his early life ie. around 25 yrs Sharukh is a waiter cum street snow remover cum musician that sings and works hard for money and Katrina is a daughter of big business tycoon in London with a high attitude as shown in early stages. The normal part is they fall in love, a rich girl and poor boy that is common but how and why they fall in love is difficult to understand. Well you cannot reason in love that backs it up. Katrina is shown a confident and rich girl who hates Indian guys as a marriage material and later falls for Sharukh who initially can not even speak English properly.  Even though he is poor the clothes he wears are expensive  its quite easy to tell by the looks of them. The movie concept is based on the great love chemistry between these two but the makers should have narrated it  than to try to show. It is like the good old stories  our grandmother used to tell that we could hear and in the end consider it a fake. In the movie Katrina has split personality disorder which Sharukh reveals to her, and she is able to control it easily. He gives the other part that is much hornier the name ‘Teena’ so that she can easily falls in love with a loser like him. Its hard to distinguish who is more dumb Meera or Teena.

There is a character named ‘ Sir Jesus’ that plays the villain efficiently and all the dull twist and turnsin the movie are provided by him. Meera(Katrina Kaif)  plays a Hindu character, even his father and mother are Hindu but she prefers to go to this ‘Sir Jesus’ instead of  ‘Sir Vishnu' Or 'Sir shiva’ etc , we got many god and goddesses to choose from.

Now this sir Jesus indirectly tells her if she intends to have physical relation with him he will die. Hugging , cheek kisses are chill according to sir Jesus anything more is not acceptable. There are some scenes in the second half where she tells him to control himself when he tries to get more intimate  while wearing the kind of night gown where its almost impossible  for any man to contain his sexual urges, may be she is too naive to understand this in the movie. She leaves Sharukh for his sake. Hurt from so intense loss financially and physically Sharukh swore revenge against sir Jesus and vows to make the dumb girl believe that sir Jesus is fake and than he returns to india.

In India the indian army is waiting for him to join them at the age of more than 25. Normally Indian army has an age criteria and 25 + is way above it and therefore by some miracle Sharukh gets selected in the bomb defusing squad of the Indian army and he is also free  to keep long hear and beard in the army. Well these are very small mistakes and can be left.

If we leave the so called romantic part of Sharukh with Katrina he is always in the vicinity of bombs and diffuses them without wearing any protective dress. Actually he wants to prove to Katrina that even away from her does not make him immortal. There are easier ways to die but he as a hero chooses the most difficult one. Even so he does not die in around 96 attempts at the beginning and 108 till the movie ends of successful bomb diffusion and becomes famous as ‘The man who cannot die’. After getting tired of saving Indian land from bombs he decides to save London also and he succeeds.

How can a man who knows very little English and was a waiter becomes an army major with exceptional bomb diffusing talent is not shown in the movie. Later it is revealed that he is also an extraordinary electronics engineer when he repairs a very expensive camera of Akira (Anushka Sharma), a documentary maker which I am sure she is not able to use. Her hobbies are to make non-human faces while dancing, abusing and wearing shorts 1/20 of her legs in Ladakh region. She comes across Sharukh in a situation where she is drowning , as she makes a sexy dive from a stone in the middle of the lake into the water. How she reached the middle stones is not shown neither any boat or any other help. Later it is revealed she is a National level swimmer and state level tennis player.

Anushka looks more dumb than any bollywood heroine ever. She also falls in for Sharukh as she tells him that she is a new generation  girl who loves to fuck first and love later.Where is this generation Indian boys should search. There are some accidents in the movie that can create controversies. A doctor who’s way of treatment is innovative and requires the help of Katrina. Anushka ask her to help her and she agrees. In the end Sharukh defeats sir Jesus and there too diffusing 2 deadly bombs back to back.
Katrina looks good and her acting is better than Sharukh and Anuska (I want to write it in a positive way). Music is decent. Sets are good. Everything else is big shit.

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